Friday, July 29, 2011

100 Reasons Why I Blog for Peace

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100 Reasons to Blog4Peace

Reason #100 - because someone must stand in the face of unreasoning hatred and say "stop".

Reason #99 - so that my time on our planet matters.

Reason #98 - for my children and for children all over the world.

Reason #97 - to find a small quiet place within myself where I can find healing.

Reason #96 - because it's the right thing to do.

Reason #95 - to send out a ripple of hope.

Reason #94 - for the benefit high blood pressure everywhere.

Reason #93 - because force is the tool of violence and words are the tool of peace.

Reason #92 - because my podium is my blog and it does no good if I am quiet.

Reason #91 - so that soldiers may one day live in peace at home.

Reason #90 - because life is too short to spend a moment on hate.

Reason #89 - to give encouragement to others.

Reason #88 - to cool off a world on fire with rage.

Reason #87 - to become more mindful of the presence of peace.

Reason #86 - because a single voice matters.

Reason #85 - because someone must simply declare world peace.

Reason #84 - to help put a shattered world back together.

Reason #83 - so that children can grow up in peace.

Reason #82 - for my sanity and the sanity of the world.

Reason #81 - to make a difference.

Reason #80 - because hurting others is wrong.

Reason #79 - one person at a time really works.

Reason #78 - to collect my peaceful thoughts and learn to verbalize them more effectively.

Reason #77 - to collect all the pieces and use them to create peace.

Reason #76 - to remind me that anger does not bring peace.

Reason #75 - because when I stand for peace, I am part of the solution.

Reason #74 - because it makes me confront my fears for our world.

Reason #73 - to right wrongs.

Reason #72 - because if violence perpetuates itself, so can peace.

Reason #71 - to extend a hand in friendship.

Reason #70 - because the seriousness nature of the world's problems should not be ignored.

Reason #69 - because it really does give me a way to feel as if I matter.

Reason #68 - the planet is worth it.

Reason #67 - so I can unclench my brow.

Reason #66 - to fight hate.

Reason #65 - to give hope.
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  1. I like this list idea ,may use it too. Peace

  2. I LOVE THIS. What a great blog with all the peacefulness in one place. I will add it to my list.
    Question: Is there ever really peace when I'm in the kitchen? Things are in pieces, yes, but not much